Does the iPad Pro (2024) come with a pen?


Apple has introduced new tablets. The iPad Pro (2024) and iPad Air (2024) are now available, and both will surely turn a lot of heads in the coming months. If you’re considering the iPad Pro (2024), you might wonder whether it comes with a pen or pencil. Here’s the answer.

Does the iPad Pro (2024) come with a pen?

Apple Pencil Pro

Unlike Samsung’s tablet lineup, such as the Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus, the iPad Pro (2024) does not include a stylus. If you want a stylus, you’ll have to pay extra.

Not only is this true of the most recent iPad Pro but it’s the case for all iPad Pro releases. Heck, it’s the case for any iPad you buy. The iPad Pro (2024) is an incredible piece of kit, but your purchase does not and will not come with a pen/stylus.

What Apple Pencils work with the iPad Pro (2024)?

Person using 2024 iPad Air 13-inch with Apple Pencil Pro.

In the announcement for the iPad Pro (2024), Apple also unveiled a new Apple Pencil. The $129 Apple Pencil Pro is the company’s most advanced stylus. It offers new features such as squeeze, barrel roll, and haptic feedback, making it easier to take notes, create artwork, and more on your tablet.

When squeezing the new Apple Pencil, a palette featuring switch tools, line weights, and colors appears on the iPad display. With barrel rolling, you can rotate the barrel to change the orientation of the shaped pen and brush tools.

The Apple Pencil Pro also supports Apple Pencil hover, pressure sensitivity, wireless pairing and charging, and Find My. It also connects magnetically to the iPad.

The iPad Pro (2024) also supports the $79 Apple Pencil USB-C. Introduced in 2023, this more affordable stylus features excellent precision, low latency, and tilt sensitivity for a natural feel. Like the Apple Pencil Pro, it attaches magnetically to the iPad and supports Apple Pencil hover.

The Apple Pencil USB-C doesn’t offer pressure sensitivity, wireless charging, pairing, or any of the new tools exclusive to the Apple Pencil Pro.

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